Enhance Your Moon Meditations With This Beautiful Tool Kit

By Lindsay Kellner
Contributing Wellness & Beauty Editor
Lindsay is a freelance writer and certified yoga instructor based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a journalism and psychology degree from New York University. Kellner is the co-author of “The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self Care,” with mbg Sustainability Editor Emma Loewe.
Contributing Wellness & Beauty Editor

When it comes to aligning your body with Mother Nature, there are few things that influence us more than the cycles of the moon. Tides, storms, and animals are undeniably affected by lunar energy—there's a reason wolves howl when the moon is full. Full and new moon gatherings have become a way for spiritually minded folks to check in, focus our intentions, and feel connected to ourselves, one another, and something bigger.

Because full moons reach a peak and begin to wane, full moon meditations and intentions are often associated with letting go and releasing. The blank slate of a new moon invites creative energy and manifestation. Sitting down and getting quiet with a journal is really all you need to make the most of a moon meditation, but having a beautiful object to anchor you can make the moment feel more ceremonial, special, or sacred. And it doesn't have to be all about burning sage and lighting palo santo if that's not your jam. For palo santo meditation alternatives, right this way:

Apothecary Co. New Moon Manifesting Mist

Photo: mbg creative x Apothecary Co.


Infused with crystal water and essential oils, this new moon manifesting mist helps bring clarity to your mood, mind, and space as you set intentions under the new moon. Citrine crystals are said to help with bringing abundance, while clear quartz has protective and clearing energies, and bergamot and lime harmonize to create a soothing, purifying scent that boosts your mood while releasing stress and anxiety.

New Moon Manifesting Mist, Apothecary Co., $28

3rd Ritual Bel

Photo: mbg creative x 3rd Ritual

This candle is an analog solution to our digital meditation timer conundrum. The problem with using your phone to keep track of a meditation is the very last moment when you blink your eyes open to a flurry of notifications. At worst, they can induce a stress response almost immediately; at best, they present an unnecessary scroll session. As the Bel candle burns, brass pins fall into the dish, creating a sound that is more pleasant and gentle than any app.

Bel, 3rd Ritual, $175

Many Moons Workbook

Photo: mbg creative x Visual Magic


A cult favorite among modern spiritual folk, the Many Moons workbook includes guided prompts that tie the phases of the moon with earthly rituals and activities. If you're new to moon meditating, love rituals, or want fresh ideas and new ways to find yourself through writing and reflection, this workbook is a must.

Many Moons Workbook, Visual Magic, $24

Meditation Mandala

Photo: mbg creative x Kelsey Patel

If you have a hard time sitting down to meditate, it helps to have a designated space. This stunning organic cotton meditation mandala by Reiki master and mbg Collective member Kelsey Patel is portable, foldable, and assists the imagination in creating a physical boundary between you and the outside world. Like the full moon, it's circular, and adds a ceremonial element to ordinary rituals.

Magik Meditation Mandala, Kelsey Patel, $45

Dori Midnight x Modern Women Moon Potion

Photo: mbg creative x Dori Midnight and Modern Women

Healer and herbalist Dori Midnight and Sara Gottesdiener, founder of Modern Women and creator of the aforementioned Many Moons Workbook, collaborated on these moon potions. Meant to be taken directly on the tongue or infused in water, each contains a mix of plant extracts and crystal essences preserved in honey brandy.

Moon Potion, Dori Midnight x Modern Women, $22

Catbird Floating Wish Papers

Photo: mbg creative x Catbird

Write your new or full moon intentions on these special papers. If you're outdoors in an open environment, light them with a match or lighter. The paper will float into the sky and slowly fall back down, adding a little magic to your meditation.

Floating Wish Papers, Catbird, $8

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