Yoga In The Heart Of New York City (Incredible Photos)

New York City has increasingly become one of the most inspiring cities in the world for me to work in. The energy and architecture of the city serve as the perfect backdrop to the figurative poetry of yoga, and I love photographing what happens when the two meet.

Betsey Keely: The Brooklyn Bridge


Laura Kasperzak: Madison Avenue

Sarah Puinno: Flatiron District

Veronica Beltran: Soho


Laura Kasperzak: Downtown Manhattan

Robert Sturman: Tribeca Self-Portrait

With the assistance of Sharon Pingatore, AKA Mamaste

Stephanie Tang: West Village

Laura Kasperzak: West Village

Kelly Kamm: The Financial District

Richard Pietromonaco: Head chef at 222 Houston Hall, Soho

Jeffrey Posner: Central Park

Dana Trixie Flynn: Meatpacking District

Camacha Jones: City Hall

Justin Wolfer: City Hall

Camacha Jones: Financial District

Dana Tarasavage: Financial District

Manhattan tree on the way to school on a beautiful Wednesday morning.

This little yogi, named Isa, saw me working and asked me to take her picture.

Kelly Kamm: Tribeca

Caitlin Marcoux: West Village

Jerry Saluti: Supreme Court of New York

Laura Kaspezak: Grand Central Terminal

Michelle Dawidziak: Supreme Court of New York

Richard Pietromonaco: Federal District Court

Jamie Lyn Skolnick: Meatpacking District

Jerry Saluti: In Front of Courthouses

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